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Congratulations! You are pregnant or you have already had a baby(ies) and are thinking about booking a newborn or baby photosession. Read more below about newborn sessions, photographing babies 3 months or older and the baby's 1st birthday!

Having a new baby, whether it is your first one or if you already have children, is a very special time filled with lots of joy and excitement as well as nerves and anxiety. Babies grow so incredibly quickly, it really is amazing to be able to capture them with the first couple of weeks of their life.

I love to be able to capture the moments of your child's childhood, right from them as newborns, following their milestones as the grow older.

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When do I photograph newborns?
I usually photograph newborns when they are 8-10 days old, however if you have an older newborn I will happily photograph them too! A baby is considered a newborn until around 2 months of age. There are a few reasons behind photographing them within the first 2 weeks:

1. Newborns are at near birth weight so I am capturing a memory of them at their smallest - something which is incredibly precious to look back on; just how little they are!
2. They are very flexible and it is great to be able to capture them in the position they were in the womb. It also makes posing them much easier - this is harder to do with reduced flexibility as they get older.
3. Newborns are usually quite sleepy at this age. Although I take candid photographs, I like to have some posed sleeping images of the newborn on their own as well as the family photos. I will usually ask you to keep your newborn awake for about two hours before the session so that they are very sleepy for the session. If they fall asleep beforehand, not to worry, I follow the baby's lead. I also love photographing newborns awake as it show some of their personality and character!
Please try to book at least 4 weeks before your due date to ensure that I am available for your newborn shoot. You can contact me to book me in for a provisional date as soon are you into your third trimester at 24 weeks pregnant. If you have already given birth and have a newborn under 3 months old, just drop me a message to see if I have an available space to photograph you and your baby(ies). I'll do my best to fit you in!

A newborn session takes between 2-3 hours to photograph.

Photographing babies 3 months or older (infants)
Babies learn so much over their first year of life and hit many milestones during this time. Baby's first smile, crawl, laugh. The first time they sit up and stand on their own, then walk and of course, their first words.  All of these are such memorable moments and I love being able to photograph these milestones for you to keep as a memory forever. 

We can have the photography session either an indoors or outdoors, or we can combine the two. It really depends on how old the baby is and what stage of their development they are. It is easier to have an outdoors session when baby is sitting up on their own. If they have not hit this milestone yet, I would recommend an indoor session. The session for a 3 month old or older usually takes about 1 hour if choosing either indoors or outdoors. If you'd like a combination of both then about 2-3 hours is needed.

1st birthday cake smash.jpg

Baby's 1st birthday
Congratulations!  Your baby is 1 year old! This is a huge milestone, not just for the baby but also for you as parents - you have got through the first year as parents either with your first child, or with also other children as well! Well done :)

It is a special occasion (and an achievement!) to be celebrated and a great way to memorise this is with a lovely photosession around your child(ren)'s birthday.

There are a few different ways I can photograph your child's 1st birthday milestone:

1. A candid, lifestyle family photosession outdoors
2. A candid lifestyle family photosession indoors
3. A 1st birthday cake smash indoors.

For all these sessions I photograph the birthday baby(ies) individually as well as taking some family photographs as well.

The amount of time required for this session depends on the type of shoot you would like to have. Contact me for any questions you have!

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